There’s no place like home. While Sturge has worked on an encyclopedia of international projects from Africa to (New) Zealand, he loves a chance to apply the filmmaking experience gained on the road to the incredible landscapes and people of Alaska.

Having worked and played across the state, Sturge is always keen to head into the big AK backyard for your next production here, bringing fine-tuned international-class production values home to the Last Frontier. Tourism, commercials, industry, features, adventure - we can infuse a homegrown local love for Alaska into it all.

Equipment & Rentals

Always striving for the best possible image, Sturgefilm works with the newest RED Digital Cinema camera systems available. Currently shooting on the RED Monstro 8k, with expansive full frame scope and incredible dynamic range, there is no more perfect or futureproof way to capture the true potential of your shot.

This is the highest end RED camera system locally available in Alaska, and for productions with their own camera operator, may be available for rental within the state.

Contact for details, pricing, and availability.

Equipment Available for Rental

Contact Sturgefilm for more information about renting equipment.